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Advanced settings to backtest any Telegram channel

Date Range

You can choose the starting and ending date of the backtest.

Any Telegram Channel

You can backtest any joined trading telegram channel.

Multiple Strategies

You can backtest a telegram channel with multiple strategies in money and risk management.

Any Languages & Formats

Our backtest works with any formats. Also you can add syntaxes on the settings.

Provider strategy

Our backtest executes all commands given by the provider. (signals and reply messages)

User Strategy

In this case, the Backtest can execute only the signals and follow the risk and money management given in the settings.

Automatic Move SL

Don't worry. Our backtest can move automatically SL following the strategy given in the settings.

Multiple TPs

Our backtest executes all orders with different TPs if given by the provider. You can choose on the settings the percentage lot per TP.

Percentage Of TPs Lot Size

You can specify percentage of total lot size for each TPs to control your risk and maximize profit.

Symbol Exceptions

You can choose on the backtest settings to not trade a specific pair from telegram channels, or set a custom lot size for a pair.

Modification signals

Our backtest supports modification signals (Close, close partially, modification of TPs, modification of SL, etc).

Avoid No-signal messages

Our backtest avoids telegram messages that not contains signals.