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Telegram Backtesting Software

Backtest any telegram channels that gives signals

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Telegram backtesting software


& Accurate

Backtest any telegram channels and get accurate results of any used strategy.

Backtest Telegram channels

Before copying signals from a channel, let's see with our telegram backtesting software if the signals given by signal providers are accurate

Multiple Strategies

Use Money & Risk management strategies to each channel and measure performances.

TelegramFxCopier Compatibility

After backtest, you can use our Smart copier to copy signals automatically from any Telegram channel to Metatrader with same strategies.

Explore Our Features 

Advanced settings to backtest any Telegram channel

Date Range

You can choose the starting and ending date of the backtest.

Any Telegram Channel

You can backtest any joined trading telegram channel.

Multiple Strategies

You can backtest a telegram channel with multiple strategies in money and risk management.

Any Languages & Formats

Our backtest works with any formats. Also you can add syntaxes on the settings.

Unlimited Backtests

& Unlimited Channels

Our support Team are available 24/5 through Live chat and e-mail for any assistance.
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Lifetime Offer

1 MT5 account (You can change it from your account)
Unlimited Backtests of Telegram Channels
Unlimited Advanced Strategies
Live chat and email support
Best Telegram to Metatrader Copier ever

Compatible with


TelegramFxBacktest has the same settings of strategies. So, When if you find an accurate telegram channels with our telegram backtesting software, you will be able to copy signals from that channels automatically with the same settings.
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