Why TelegramFxBacktest is the Top #1 Backtesting Software?

Looking for the best Backtesting software in the Forex market? TelegramFxBacktest got the answer for you.

February 11, 2022
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What if I asked you what tool you require as a copy trader?

Hold on, Let me guess.

I believe that backtesting software would be the right answer. Is it? My answer was inspired by a thorough understanding of the importance of backtesting software in the copy trader’s journey. The forex trading market is the world’s largest financial market, as we all know. Hence, people are tempted to chase this financial wave in order to slay their piece of the pie, resulting in increased competition.

Because of the rising competition in the Forex, many traders find it practically impossible to enter the market without the necessary tools, such as backtesting software in this case.

When it comes to backtesting software, we can’t help but highlight TelegramFxBacktest as the #1backtesting software in the world. Simply put, TelegramFxBacktest is a powerful and accurate backtesting software that uses smart algorithms to backtest any Telegram channel using historical data to see if it’s profitable or not.

TelegramFxBacktest, the world’s best backtesting software, evaluates the efficiency of a Telegram channel’s Forex signals in the past and forecasts its future performance. Based on the advanced backtesting code that runs in the software, TelegramFxBacktest’s backtesting results are ALWAYS accurate according to the backtest strategy you specified.

Why TelegramFxBacktest is the Top #1 Backtesting Software

TelegramFxBacktest enables both new and experienced traders to replicate a professional trader’s Forex signals and strategy using historical data in order to create results and evaluate risk and profitability before investing any real money.

A successful backtest assures traders that the backtested Forex signals provider is fundamentally profitable, or that the contrary is true, and that their trading method will most likely profit when implemented. On the other hand, a well-conducted backtest that yields bad results could cause traders to switch or reject the Forex signals provider. Backtesting software, such as TelegramFxBacktest, is often used to verify the utility of a Forex signal provider, such as those who extract Forex signals using automated trading systems.

With backtesting software, traders can get information on potential net profit/loss, market exposure, volatility, risk-adjusted return, and return without risking capital. TelegramFxBacktest has paved the way to being the greatest backtesting software by bringing a number of unique features to the table including:

Date Range

This AI-advanced backtesting software allows users to choose the start and end times of the backtest, giving you complete control over backtesting any Forex signals provider at any time and from any location.

Backtest any Telegram Channel

One of the primary reasons TelegramFxBacktest is the greatest backtesting software is its ability to backtest any Telegram channel. To be clear, most backtesting software cannot backtest Telegram channels, which is why TelegramFxBacktest is the best

Multiple Strategies

This feature allows both skilled and inexperienced traders to backtest any Telegram channel with multiple money and risk management strategies, giving you the ability to backtest with diverse strategies.

All Languages and Formats are Supported

Another feature that can be added to the list of TelegramFxBacktest features is the ability to support all languages and formats. Another thing to keep in mind is that you can add syntaxes to the settings of your backtesting program.

Provider strategy

This backtesting software has the ability to execute all the Forex signals given by a certain provider. (signals and reply messages)

User Strategy

The term “user strategy” refers to the fact that this backtesting software can also execute only the signals while adhering to the risk and money management parameters specified in the settings.

Automatic Move SL

If you are very concerned about SL, worry no more because TelegramFxBacktest can automatically move SL following the strategy given in the settings.

Multiple TPs

TelegramFxBacktest is a backtesting software that executes all orders with different TPs if given by the Forex signals provider. You can choose on the settings the percentage lot per TP.

Percentage Of TPs Lot Size

You can actually specify the percentage of definitely total lot size LS for each TP to control your risk and generally maximize profit in a subtle way, which makes TelegramFxBacktest the best backtesting software.

Symbol Exceptions

With this backtesting software, you can choose on the backtest settings to not trade a specific pair from telegram channels, or set a custom lot size for a pair.

Modification signals

TelegramFxBacktest supports modification signals (Close, close partially, modification of TPs, modification of SL, etc).

Avoid No-signal Messages

Due to this backtesting software smart algorithms, the backtest can automatically avoid telegram messages that do not contain signals.

TelegramFxBacktest’s features do not end here, but rather continue. At the end of the day, we can’t deny the fact that there is a plethora of backtesting software available in the Forex market, but 99% of them have shortcomings and restrictions, whether on the backtesting or performance levels. A copy trade business is already risky; you don’t need software to make it even riskier.

You would think this is the end of the article, but guess what? We continue to have a lot to offer. I don’t know who you are, but I know you’re a trader who wants to make a living with copy trading. But, let’s be honest, without a trade copier in the toolbox, copy trading is nothing.

What exactly is it?

A trade copier is a piece of software that allows you to automatically replicate Forex signals from Telegram to MT4/5. TelegramFxCopier should be mentioned while discussing copy trading. TelegramFxCopier is an artificial intelligence-powered software that employs sophisticated algorithms to automatically copy any Forex signals format from Telegram channel/group to MT4/5 in a fraction of a second.

If there is one thing that I want to leave with you today, it would be this: “TAKE ACTION.”